Imagine the possibility of sprinkling in a little positivity throughout your day, each day whether your day is already sweet like ice cream or sour like lemons and limes. a little positivity {dot} com wishes to be those colorful sprinkles that boost your endorphins and alleviate any emotional, mental and spiritual aches and pains for as long as “cyberly” possible.

This website offers positivity in small doses where you can listen, read and view nothing but the good stuff without wasting too much of your precious time. I like to keep it short, simple and of course, sweet! Featuring nothing but great vibes, a little positivity wishes to provide a variety of positive energy with dope music, calming meditations, loving advice, heartwarming stories, insightful interviews and so much more! So please feel free to stick around for awhile and get a little sprinkle of good vibrations and sweet elevation.

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