no such thing as wasting time

Time is never wasted. Each moment is golden. Even when you are just sitting there, doing “nothing,” time still holds a purpose. Time is always valuable and is used exactly how it should be for your path, for your journey. The moment may not even make sense to you or is absolutely painful or is bleak in its appearance but the moment is never wasted. Each moment is a gift. You are never wasting time. You are always apart of one of the most incredible creations — life! If you can just be present and appreciate each moment, time will shift from feeling wasted to feeling blessed. As in most things in life, it is all a matter of perspective. Namaste.


2 Responses to “no such thing as wasting time”

  1. elizabeth2560

    I would add to that, that even if you are doing something that you do not particularly like to do but HAVE to do (such as book-keeping of your finances, or washing up, or ironing); there is reward at the end of it all such that if you persevere and finish, you can see the light of wisdom that the time spent was not wasted.


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