thank you, Dr. Wayne Dyer

Dr. Wayne Dyer, See The Light In Others, See The Light, Light, Spirituality, Wisdom

Graphic by BK @ Flickr

You were the personification of positivity. You embodied a peaceful message and mission through your words and actions. You were accepting, loving and kind. You admitted to your flaws so others can learn the lessons you learned. You were a sponge of universal wisdom and shared all your discoveries from yourself and others selflessly and freely. You were a light in many of my darkest days and I thank you very much for shining it so brightly, that you inspired myself and others to work on shining theirs as well. You always seemed to pop up at the right time when I was randomly surfing the TV and caught one of your PBS specials or when I was randomly on youtube and came across one of your many inspirational videos or when I was randomly browsing at a bookstore and saw another bestseller from you. You never met me. You don’t even know my name but you had a profound effect on my life to the point that I am literally crying while typing this message down. You will be missed but I know you will go on and do even more incredible things on your next journey of never-ending life. May you rise in peace and again, thank you.

Below is a wonderful, inspiring movie, The Shift, which starred Dr. Wayne Dyer. I hope you enjoy it, whether you never saw it  before or you’ve watched it plenty times.


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