get unstuck with iyanla’s fixins

Fear, Fear Not, Stuck, Being Stuck, Limited, Limitless, Powerful

Copyright by Courtney Carmody

“All change is preceded by chaos.” – Iyanla Vanzant

With the constant bombardment of negative news in the media, we may feel simply stuck in our position. We may feel that life will always be rough, the world will always be unfair and the system will never change so why should we even try to do the work if all of us are stuck in this position? However, life is never stagnant. You are not always unhappy, depressed, angry and frustrated. There are moments, however small they may be, when joy peaks her head and waves hi to you or when something makes you laugh even if it’s just for a minute. Life always ebbs and flows and with that, we have the power to be at peace with the movement and channel it towards a more positive direction. In Iyanla Vanzant’s Fixins episode, she explores the “being stuck” phase that we all go through personally and collectively and gives us ways on how to change this phase to a more productive and positive experience. So get your pens and pads ready and get your fixins today!


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