create something out of nothing

There is nothing more magical than the moment when a person and God, Allah, Buddha, Krishna, Universe, Angels, Archangels, Ancestors, the Source work together to create something out of nothing. And if you pay close attention, you’re creating all the time–moments, memories, minutes, etc. as well as art, film, stories, paintings, etc. So this action is something you always do and don’t even realize. However, if you are not happy with what you have been creating energy wise lately, then maybe you could channel energy differently by creating something you would be happy with like a loving phone call to a friend, or a silly text message to a mate, or a random night out by yourself or a song or a drawing or a poetry book, etc. Whatever it is, be totally in the moment while creating and be proud of yourself with the completed creation. You made that. You are that damn powerful to create that. Be in awe of it and own it completely. Rejoice in it. Allow the energy to lighten your heavy heart. Be moved by it. Celebrate it. Be thankful for the trust God had in you to co-create this masterpiece and continue to create!


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