total praise, total thanks, total heart

Thank you to the Source, the Universe, the Love, the Connection between us in all of your manifestations. Thank you for your guidance, your protection, your lessons, your challenges, your humor, your light, your unconditional love and support. Thank you for your friendship and for your co-creatorship. Thank you for the family, friends, acquaintances, lovers and enemies for they all come knowingly and unknowingly to make us into better individuals and stronger spirits. Thank you for your selfless guidance and shaping your love in whatever form that feels most comfortable to us on this realm. Thank you for the sun that shines brightly in our eyes and the moon that sparkles magically in our lives. Thank you for the trees that surrounds us and the flowers that warms us and the animals that connects with us and the wind that carries us. Thank you for this magnificent masterpiece you’ve allowed all of us to star in. Thank you and give you total praise. Amen.

Total Praise (A Hymn)
Acapella Arrangement by Sam Robson


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