accept the motions of your energy

Energy in motion is emotion. When the motion of our energy is moving in a slow, steady pace, we feel comfortable, peaceful, relaxed. When the motion of our energy is moving at a rapid, fast pace, we feel uncomfortable, chaotic and anxious. However, just like waves in the sea, our energy patterns must be allowed to move through the rocks, boulders, and any other natural obstacles that come our way with acceptance and love. Otherwise, we create even more barriers to our own flow as we try to move forward in our lives. This allowance is not always easy since our ego typically likes to control as much as possible but whenever we try to come in with our own structures, we usually create a more frantic wave pattern in our energy field, causing our emotions to be even more out of control than earlier. With practice and patience, we can slowly create an open stream where even the biggest of boulders will be met with minimum friction as we allow our emotions to be what they are at any given moment and naturally quiet down to a nice peaceful pace once again.


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