light is always within waiting to shine

Light is patient, understanding, non-judgmental and loving. Light is brilliance, illumination and bright. Light is clarity, understanding and focus. Light is the spiritual awakening of one’s true self, whole self, higher self, God self. Light is available at all times and usually shines brightly in moments of pure bliss and joy and sparkles like stars in the night when darkness overcomes us, reminding us that there is hope; there is sunshine coming around soon. Please leave your light on for as long as you can and if the flicker of your inner flame subdues a bit, please do not judge yourself–LOVE yourself through it so that light can warm you up inside out. Wish you all a beautiful LIGHT day. 😉


2 Responses to “light is always within waiting to shine”

  1. Kelly Kuhn

    Another uplifting post. You’ve reminded me of Eric Butterworth’s urging to keep your light on at all times, and especially when you are near those who have dimmed theirs. He points out that the tendency is to dim our lights then, but it’s at those moments that our light is most needed.

    Good stuff!


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