be yourself at all times

Be yourself at all times. Even in the moments when the world says you’re supposed to be another, still be yourself. You will live with much less regret when you follow your own doctrine and not follow what society says you should do. In life, there are many rules and games that are brought on due to fear. Love yourself enough to block those societal constructs and to follow your heart. As they say, it is better to be groaned for who you are than to be loved for who you are not. So look in the mirror and tell yourself “I love you” flaws and all.


4 Responses to “be yourself at all times”

  1. Kelly Kuhn

    Lovely reminder. You’ve given me so much food for thought that I know what I’m going to blog about next. Thank you for your light!

  2. stacilys

    Wonderful. I think that trying to be someone that we’re not is like putting oneself in a prison. A lot of it probably comes from societal pressures and lack of self-confidence. I wouldn’t want to be anybody by me. There’s great freedom in that I think. And with that great freedom, is great beauty. Oh yes, I am also all for being counter-culture.

    • alittlepositivity

      I love that you do not want to be anyone else but yourself! That is self-love in a sentence! šŸ˜‰ Thanks so much for your comment and reading the blog. Truly appreciate it.


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