downtime is primetime

Light at the end of the tunnel, Dark place, Light shines, New beginning, Growth, Change

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If you have been following this site since its inception, you may have noticed something askew. A Little Positivity has not been updated consistently. There is a very simple reason for it:

I haven’t been feeling a little positivity.

I’ve been feeling stuck. I’ve been feeling scared. Frustrated. Angry. Sad. Misunderstood. Annoyed. Judgmental. Inadequate. Anxious. Envious. Tired. Negative. Hurt. Underappreciated. Vulnerable. Human. Very, very human and that’s okay because I’ve just learned that my downtime is my primetime.

All the negative emotions reveal to me that something has been ajar and when I push them all out in the open, I realize that it is time to get back to the middle, the heart of who I am and to focus on my many dreams, to co-create with the Creator something beautiful.

I know there are many of you reading this that are in the same stuck position as me and are wondering when and how you are going to ever get out of this weird state. Well, I am not going to say step by step because I am still learning the ‘how’ myself but one thing I do know is that this moment, this space that you are in right now is not in vain. In fact, this is one of the most precious times in your life, in your development, in your growth.

About a week ago, I finally made a conscious decision to get back to the spirit of me and I picked up one of my favorite and life changing books titled Home with God In A Life That Never Ends by Neale Donald Walsch. In that book, there is an amazing passage, on page 66 in the paperback version to be exact, and within that timely message, God says “Nothing you have done is so horrible, nothing you have had happen to you is so beyond repair, that it cannot be healed. I can and shall make you whole again.” And then, my friend sent me this video where Reverend T.D. Jakes talks about the power of instinct and it was almost as if God again was speaking right to me. I also found out that an article I’ve written awhile ago for South Jersey Journal website has been published and funny enough, the message is also what I need right now as well.

I’m mentioning all of this to say that if I did not have that moment of fogginess, loneliness, depression, confusion, I would not notice nor appreciate the current moment of clarity and although, I am still in that limbo stage, I am now at a place of knowing, experiencing and feeling this very message: that the downtime in our lives is the primetime of our growth. Let me repeat, the downtime in our lives is the primetime of our growth. I’ll type it one more again, the downtime in our lives is the primetime of our growth. With this understanding, you will realize that every experience, every person, every situation, everything is sacred and important for you. As God says in Walsch’s book, “Everything that is happening TO you is happening THROUGH you. And everything that is happening THROUGH you is happening FOR you.”

For anyone going through a similar situation, I hope and pray that you will always find the light at the end of your dark tunnel and be able to look back at that tunnel or even still be in the tunnel and realize the hidden blessing that was and still is there.


5 Responses to “downtime is primetime”

  1. stacilys

    “the downtime in our lives is the primetime of our growth.”
    –I totally agree. I’ve been in this ‘downtime’ for the past four years actually. I have been all over the world, busy, busy, busy. Then my daughter came, and we moved up north. I had felt as if I was doing nothing significant, but God had a whole different outlook. I realized that I was in a time of just sitting at his feet, soaking in his presence, Him firming my faith and teaching me valuable lessons. Ahhhh, I wouldn’t change that for the world. Now we will be moving again and I sense that life is going to get a bit busier again. Maybe it’s time for that. To come out of the downtime and breath out what has been breathed into me.
    Btw, I love the co-create with the creator phrase. I believe that. As you know already from my poem.

    • alittlepositivity

      Yes, life definitely seems to have its ebbs and flows–the nuances are what makes life even more interesting and entertaining. The small details as well as the overarching waves of the down-times and up-times, all working hand in hand. I love what you said with “To come out of the downtime and breath out what has been breathed into me.” Beautiful way to summarize it! (And yes, we are all super co-creators! Isn’t that awesome!?) Thanks again for reading and commenting! I truly appreciate it. 🙂


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