positivity is not perfection, my friend

“One day, I will have it all together.” “When I get myself right, everything else will be right.” “Once I have the perfect job, perfect mate, perfect home, I will be happy.” “If I only had x,y and z, then I would be the most positive person on Earth.”

Do you find yourself having similar statements running in your head? We can all be guilty of future paradise. We dream of all the wonderful ways our future can be better than our present and we sometimes get lost in the dream, waiting for perfection to come our way as soon as possible. Well, let me tell you something, life will never be perfect but life can be positive and you know what the best part about it is? Life can be positive starting today!

Try something. Smile. I mean it. Smile right now. If you need assistance on how to do that, then look at this smiley: 🙂 Yup, do that right now. I don’t care where you are or how crazy you think you will look to smile. Be crazy and smile.

Got a smile now? Great! You started making your life more positive. Positivity does not have be grand movements in your life. In fact, positivity will stick better with consistent small actions than a few big actions.

“Positivity is not an end prize that you will get forever and ever in life. It is an action that has to take place on a daily basis.”

Now with these small consistent actions, imperfections will surface in your life but that is okay and that has a place. No one is perfect and positivity is always work. Positivity is not an end prize that you will get forever and ever in life. It is an action that has to take place on a daily basis. Positivity is not a perfect life; positivity is just a lighter perspective. So please, friend, do not be so hard on yourself. Keep life light and laugh at your imperfections. Imperfections make you unique, connected and a beautiful work in progress. Cherish the gift of imperfections while honing in positivity in your life.

If you need further help with being positive on a daily basis, please feel free to get a little positivity in your Facebook feed or Twitter timeline. Let’s create a positive movement together one day at a time. 🙂


4 Responses to “positivity is not perfection, my friend”

  1. Meg Evans

    Hi Jolyn — I’m still keeping on with my daily positivity quest, and have added your new site to my list of positive blogs. Looking very good so far! 🙂

  2. stacilys

    Hey there, this is great. I could really relate to it. The issue of living in today. And understanding that imperfections make you unique. I’ve written on these two subjects as well.


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