a positive life starts with acceptance

Have you ever noticed how so many positive messages downplay certain emotions as if you should feel guilty for ever feeling anything other than complete bliss? Let’s be frank for a minute. Life would be rather boring (and possibly creepy) if we all sung Kumbaya My Lord, held hands and smiled at each other ALL THE TIME.  How would we grow as individuals if we only knew and showed one shade of ourselves? Positivity does not stem from masking our emotions from ourselves and others with a forced smile. Positivity stems from acceptance of our true feelings at any given time. In fact, acceptance is the first part of a simple 4-part process towards a positive life:

  1.  Accept your emotions for what they are in the moment
  2. Feel your emotions fully
  3. Learn why you feel this way and get to the root cause
  4. Let the root issue go if it is not serving your highest good

Sounds easy right? Ha! Of course, it is not easy for most of us but it is a great goal to master in our day to day lives.  So please let me know of your thoughts on this. Do you agree that a positive life starts with acceptance? Why or why not? Please place your answers in the comment section below!


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